Mortar Additives

Silicon Water Repellent (Powder)

Silicon Water Repellent (Powder) Previous Next Silicon Water Repellent (Powder) Description Water repellent (powder) Water repellent (powder) is an efficient cement-based water repellent powder additive that is made of active silane. It has excellent dispersity in water. After reacting with cement hydration products, our hydrophobic products can improve the hydrophobicity of cement-based materials. It has a noticeable lotus leaf […]

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Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate MIKEM Calcium Formate Description   MIKEM calcium formate is a white free-flowing and non-toxic crystalline powder with a molecular formula of C2H2CaO4. It is neutral, slightly bitter and hygroscopic, and has good solubility in water. The specific gravity is 2.023, the bulk density is 900-1000g/k, and the decomposition temperature is no less than 400℃. Our calcium formate

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Gypsum Retarder

Gypsum Retarder MIKEM Gypsum Retarder Description MIKEM gypsum retarder is a high-performance and environmentally friendly protein-based retarder that can slow down the setting time of gypsum plaster. Even applied with small amounts, our high-efficiency gypsum retarder produces excellent retardation effects with minimal loss of gypsum strength. With good adaptability to various gypsums, the addition of our

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Defoamer (powder) MIKEM Defoamer (Powder) Description   MIKEM defoamer is a powder defoamer, belonging to a modified polyether. It is mainly used in dry mix mortar, special mortar, and other building materials. Its characteristics are as follows: Low dosage, high defoaming efficiency Long time bubble suppression Easy to be dissolved with excellent workability Strengthenhancement You may

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Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene Fiber (PP Fiber) MIKEM Polypropylene Fiber Polypropylene fiber, also known as anti-cracking fiber, PP fiber, and concrete fiber, is a high-strength bundled monofilament fiber made of polypropylene. The addition of our polypropylene fiber products to mortar or concrete can effectively control the micro-cracks of concretes (mortars) caused by plastic shrinkage, dry shrinkage, temperature changes,

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Polyvinyl alcohol powder

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)​ Powder MIKEM PVA Powder Description MIKEM polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) powder is a composite containing water-soluble polymer. Its specifications include properties such as degree of polymerization and degree of alcoholysis. Polyvinyl alcohol is produced by polymerizing vinyl acetate in methanol solvent and then undergoes an alcoholysis process through an advanced low-alkali zone method. MIKEM

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Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS)

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) MIKEM HPS Description   MIKEM Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) is a spray-dried white fine powder, made from natural plants after modification and high etherification treatment. It has good water solubility, and its aqueous solution is transparent and colorless. Our HPS product is very stable under acidic and alkaline conditions. Its starch gelatinization temperature

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Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP)

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) Mikrant RDP Description MikrantTM is a trademark for MIKEM’s redispersible polymer powder products. MikrantTM Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) is a water-soluble polymer made from ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer through spray drying. It uses polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid and is free of solvent and plasticizers. MikrantTM Re-dispersible Polymer Powder can significantly improve

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Melamine Sulphonate Superplasticizer

Melamine Sulphonate Superplasticizer (powder) MIKEM Melamine Sulphonate Superplasticizer Description   MIKEM Melamine Sulphurated Superplasticizer is a white, air-free polymer, which has good adaptability to cement and is non-corrosive to iron. When used in cement and plaster-based formulations, the addition of our MIKEM  Melamine Sulphurated Superplasticizer product can effectively reduce the water consumption of cement while enhancing mechanical

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Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC)

Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC) MelaColl HEMC Description MelaCollTM is a trademark for MIKEM’s cellulose products and derivatives. Our MelaCollTM products include Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC or Hypromellose), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC), Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC) and Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). MelaCollTM Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC) is a non-ionic cellulose ether that is made from natural polymer cellulose through

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