Iron Oxide Pigments

MIKEM Iron Oxide Pigments Description


MIKEM Iron oxide pigments are mainly made of iron oxide. Iron oxide is the second-largest inorganic pigment after titanium dioxide and the most considerable colored inorganic pigment.

Our iron oxide pigments have good dispersibility, excellent light and weather resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, reasonable coloring rate, non-permeable, and no mobility. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields, including building materials, coatings, plastics, electronics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, rubbers, ceramics, inks, magnetic materials, and papermaking, etc.

Our iron oxide products can be categorized into seven types based on different colors, including iron oxide red, iron oxide orange, iron oxide black, iron oxide blue, iron oxide brown, iron oxide green, iron oxide yellow.  We look forward to coloring your life with our premium products!

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