Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)​ Powder

MIKEM PVA Powder Description

MIKEM polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) powder is a composite containing water-soluble polymer. Its specifications include properties such as degree of polymerization and degree of alcoholysis. Polyvinyl alcohol is produced by polymerizing vinyl acetate in methanol solvent and then undergoes an alcoholysis process through an advanced low-alkali zone method.

MIKEM polyvinyl alcohol powder is water-soluble, and its solvent provides proper viscosity and film-forming properties. Our product is stable in oils, lubricants, hydrocarbons, and most other organic solvents. It has excellent chemical stability and insulation. Also, it has the typical chemical properties of polyols so that it can be esterified and acetalized.

Our polyvinyl alcohol powder series products have been used in many industries, including wall putty powder, cement-based mortars, tile adhesives, papermaking, textile adhesives, animal feed, and more.

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