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Green Chemistry For A Sustainable Future​

MIKEM focus on sustainability

Our vision and company culture reflect our concern for sustainable development. As our slogan reveals, “Green Chemistry, Better Living” is what we aspire for and what we are dedicating efforts to. Green chemistry refers to the development of products and solutions that are not only “green” but even better, safer, more affordable, and more sustainable.  Through green chemistry, we hope to create a better place to live and a more sustainable world for future generations. At MIKEM, we are committed to continuously improving our products’ economic, social, and environmental performance.


Product stewardship incorporates all facets of a product, including its quality, condition, safety, effects on the environment, taking into account current and upcoming regulations, societal needs and pressures, and unswerving work ethics. In chemical industries, product stewardship provides a proper framework obligatory to progress on chemicals management.

At MIKEM, We are committed to the responsible stewardship of our products. Westrive to produce products that are safer for humans and the planet, and we are striving to minimize the impact of products and materials on the environment at every step of their life cycle. From the product conception stage, we are committed to providing more sustainable solutions. From raw materials to final products, we have taken into consideration of health, safety, and environmental protection in all aspects.


Companies must be profitable to achieve sustainable development. However, MIKEM’s pursuit of profit will never harm health, safety, and social/environmental performance. We are trying to balance economic factors to meet the ecological requirements of more sustainable development. We believe that sustainability is future-oriented and involves a lot of investment.

We invest continuously in improving our products and services, which, we believe, will have a positive impact on our environment. We invest in the development of renewable raw materials and improve the more efficient use of limited resources and reduce consumption. We believe that, in the long run, our investment in this area will help improve our economic sustainability.


The Motto “Think Sustainable, Act Responsible” is guiding our way of doing things. Our sustainable development approach includes establishing sustainable relationships with our customers, employees, partners, and communities. We operate our business responsibly and honestly to achieve the sustainability of our environment, our economic success, our product stewardship, and a reliable partnership with our customers.

We are committed to creating a sustainable and caring work environment to understand our employee’s needs and promote their well-being. We believe that improving the working environment will help increase employee productivity, engagement, and innovation capabilities, thereby increasing the company’s long-term sustainability.


At MIKEM, we are developing solutions to create a greener supply chain and promote the sustainability of the planet.

To promote the sustainable development of the environment, we are looking for innovative ways to save resources and develop renewable raw materials in our products. We have made great strides in improving energy efficiency and reducing waste and pollution.

Keeping sustainability in mind, we aim to create long-term value and promote the long-term development of our business. We are committed to contributing our efforts to develop greener chemistry and bring a better life to people all over the world.