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Green Chemistry For A Sustainable Future​

MIKEM focus on sustainability

Our sustainability focus is evident in our vision and company culture. As our slogan reveals, “Green Chemistry, Better Living” is what we aspire for and what we are dedicating efforts to. Green chemistry is about developing products and solutions that not only “green” but are better, safer, more affordable, and more sustainable. Through green chemistry, we hope to create a better living place and a more sustainable world for our generation and generations to come. At MIKEM, we are working towards the continuous improvement of our product, economic, social and environmental performance.


Our company is committed to the responsible stewardship of our products.

 We strive to produce products that are safer for people and the planet, and we are working on minimizing the environmental impacts of our products and materials at each step of their life circle. From the product conception stage, we aim for more sustainable solutions. We know that the use of renewable materials plays a vital role in the long-term sustainability of our environment.

We, therefore, endeavor to increase the innovative use of raw materials in our products. From the selection of raw materials to products’ production and end life, we take into consideration of health, safety, and environmental protection in every aspect.


Business must make a profit in order to be sustainable.

 However, MIKEM’s pursuit of profitability will never compromise health, safety and our social/environmental performance. We are working hard to balance economic factors to meet the environmental demands of being more sustainable. Sustainability values are future oriented and involves more investment.

 We invest continuously to improve our products and services which can have positive impacts on our environment. We invest to develop renewable raw materials and improve more efficient use and reduced consumption of our finite resource. We believe that our investment in this aspect will help improve our economic sustainability in long term.


The motto “Think sustainable, Act responsible” is guiding our way of doing things

 We operate responsibly and with integrity to the sustainability of our environment, our economic performance, our product stewardship, and, most importantly, the people who we are interacting with. Our approach toward sustainability encompasses achieving a sustainable relationship with our customers, our employees, our partners, and our communities. 

 We dedicate efforts to create a sustainable and caring working environment where people’s needs are understood and their well-being is promoted.  The improvement of our working environment will help enhance the productivity, engagement, and innovation of our employees, and thus improve the sustainability of our company.



At MIKEM, we are developing solutions to create a greener supply chain and promote the sustainability of our planet.

To contribute to environmental sustainability, we are looking for innovative ways of conserving finite resources and developing new renewable raw materials in our product. We are making strides in improving energy efficiency and minimizing waste and pollution. 

Bearing sustainability in mind, we aim to create long term value and foster long term development of our business. Together, we hope to create green chemistry and achieve better living for people around the world.

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