Pregelatinized Starch

MIKEM Pregelatinized Starch Description

MIKEM Pregelatinized starch, which is a white powder, is a modified starch made from natural starch. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and biocompatible. It has a variety of outstanding properties: solution thickening, water-solubility; suspension; stability in colloidal solution; protective colloid effect; film formation; water retention, adhesion, thixotropy and more. At an appropriate temperature, starch granules will swell and split after encountering water, and form a uniform paste solution, and this process is called “gelatinization”. The essence of gelatinization is that the hydrogen bonds between starch molecules in starch granules are broken and dispersed in water to form a colloidal solution.

In the application of MIKEM pre-gelatinized starch, it only needs to be mixed into a paste with cold water, avoiding the trouble of heating and gelatinization.

In the pharmaceutical industry, gelatinized starch plays the role of adhesives and balancing materials. It has the characteristics of high strength after forming, easy to digest, easy to dissolve and no toxic side effects;

In the food industry, our product can be used to save heat treatment, thicken and shape retention, etc.

In the cosmetics industry, our product can be used in the production of talcum powder. Besides, it also has skin affinity and strong water absorption.

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