MIKEM plastic-steel fiber

MIKEM plastic-steel fiber Description


MIKEM plastic-steel fiber is a kind of high-strength fiber used in construction engineering to control the toughness and impact resistance of concrete. Our product can replace the traditional steel mesh and steel fiber at a lower construction cost with more time-saving and convenient operation.  

MIKEM plastic-steel fiber is made of synthetic resin high molecular polymer through unique technology. It is a single mono-filament thick fiber with a rough surface and a well-defined shape. It has different diameters, lengths, and wavy shapes. It has high extension resistance, large elastic modulus, and highe acid and alkali resistance. It also has the appearance and functions of steel bars and fibers, as well as the advantages of synthetic soft fibers. Compared with steel fiber, our product has the advantages of corrosion resistance, easily dispersible and workable, and no damage to the mixing equipment, etc.

Our plastic fiber products are widely used in various concretes buildings, such as the surface and edge of roads, ordinary concrete panels, the bridge engineering, airport runways and landing fields, precast concrete slabs, various tunnels, water conservancy projects, and container terminals, etc.

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