gastric-soluble film coating powder

MIKEM H-HPC Description

MIKEM gastric-soluble film coating powder is the raw material for film coating. It contains a variety of ingredients and is scientifically formulated, some of which are pre-mixed. When dissolved with a suitable solvent, it is sprayed on the tablets which become film-coated tablets.

MIKEM gastric-soluble film coating powder can be applied to different kinds of tablet cores. It is soluble in spring water and alcohol-water. It has a moisture-proof effect and anti-reflux function. Its color is uniform and stable without mottling and its film is elegant and shiny. It has strong adhesion and can be quickly disintegrated.

Our gastric-soluble film-coating powder adopts unique film-forming material, and it has less weight to tablets. It only increase 2%-3% weight, while sugar-coated tablets can increase 50%-100%. It has low pollution. The production process can reduce/avoid dust in the workshop, which is beneficial to environmental protection and on-site cleaning while preventing contamination in the workshop and meet the GMP cleanliness requirements.

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