Calcium Formate

MIKEM Calcium Formate Description


MIKEM calcium formate is a white free-flowing and non-toxic crystalline powder with a molecular formula of C2H2CaO4. It is neutral, slightly bitter and hygroscopic, and has good solubility in water. The specific gravity is 2.023, the bulk density is 900-1000g/k, and the decomposition temperature is no less than 400℃.

Our calcium formate products are mainly used in construction mortar, and various concretes to accelerate the hardening speed of cement and shorten its setting time. As an early strength agent, our calcium formate products can avoid the fact that the condensation speed is too slow at low temperatures, especially in winter. Besides, our products can also accelerate the demolding pace so that they can be put into use in a short time.

Our recommended dosage of calcium formate is between 0.5~1.0 percent of the weight of 1-ton cement-based mortar and concrete, and the maximum dosage is about 2.5% of the total cement. As the temperature decreases, the content of calcium formate gradually increases; Its effect on early strength is very significant, and it will increase by about 0.3~0.5% even in summer.

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