Melamine Sulphonate Superplasticizer (powder)

MIKEM Melamine Sulphonate Superplasticizer Description


MIKEM Melamine Sulphurated Superplasticizer is a white, air-free polymer, which has good adaptability to cement and is non-corrosive to iron. When used in cement and plaster-based formulations, the addition of our MIKEM  Melamine Sulphurated Superplasticizer product can effectively reduce the water consumption of cement while enhancing mechanical strength/density and increasing the fluidity and workability of the mixture.

Our Melamine Sulphurated Superplasticizer products are mainly applied in construction fields, such as high-strength plaster, gypsum-based self-leveling floor, gypsum plaster, gypsum putty, cement-based self-leveling floor, waterproof floor, repair mortar, special high-strength mortar, cast concrete/bare concrete, high-early strength and durable concretes and more.

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