Enteric Soluble Film Coating Powder

MIKEM Enteric Soluble Film Coating Powder Description


MIKEM enteric-coated film coating powder is a pre-mixed excipient containing a variety of pharmaceutical excipients. Our product, odorless and tasteless, is a granular powder with uniform color. It is used for delayed-release of solid oral preparations. It has excellent performance with high coating efficiency and simple operation. The film-forming agent is made of polymers such as hypromellose, CAP, and acrylic resin, and added with plasticizers and other additives, so there is no need to add any other auxiliary materials during use. The coating film not only has strong mechanical strength but also can protect the drug from gastric juice erosion, as well as control the dissolution through the change of pH to ensure the safe and effective release of the drug.

This product can be used as an enteric coating material for solid preparations of traditional Chinese medicines and Western medicines. It protects the gastric mucosa from irritating active drugs and has an excellent protective effect on unstable drugs in gastric juice. It is suitable for the drugs that need to be released in specific parts of the intestine. Up to now, our product has been widely used in tablets, pills, and granules, and it is especially effective for traditional Chinese tablets with strong hygroscopicity, easy to crack, and variegated.

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