Welcome to MIKEM

-- A Global Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer and Supplier

Company Profile

MIKEM is a global manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemical products. Headquartered in Dallas, USA, we have branches, offices, manufacturing plants, sourcing teams, and warehouses in different countries. We have either owned or invested plants for some of our products. We also established strong partnerships with a selection of professional suppliers to provide our customers with exceptional and reliable supply chain solutions.

MIKEM is divided into four business divisions, and its organizational structure is based on the four primary industries we serve (Building and Construction, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Home and Personal Care, Food and Beverage). These business units are close to major manufacturers and have independent research, production, procurement, and sales teams to provide our customers with the most professional service. Either owned or invested, our manufacturing plants are located in different countries and are adjacent to their raw material sources and central markets.

Leveraging our rich industrial experience and market understanding, we create innovative, profitable, and sustainable solutions for customers. We provide customized solutions to create real value for the business of our customers. We solve their unmet challenges through a comprehensive analysis of their overall business needs and offer new possibilities. Our small ingredients are widely used in many industries and have made significant contributions to the products used.

Through our continuous efforts, our products have been gaining a growing reputation in the global market. We are committed to becoming one of the world’s leading specialty chemical suppliers. We invite you to join our journey.

Industrial Applications

Construction Chemicals

Our construction product portfolio covers a range of additives and that are used in a variety of industries.

Food and Beverage_

Food Additives

We are constantly seeking better natural solutions to serve the needs of our customers in the food industry.

Pharma Intermediates_


we provide a range of performance additives for pharmaceutical use (e.g., Cellulose Ether, Dextrin, etc.).

Mikem Chemical Citric Acid

Home and Personal Care

we provide cost-effective and high performance solutions to help our customers grow their business.


Company Culture

To become a trusted business partner and solutions provider of your choice

To create competitive and innovative ingredients solutions most suitable to customers’ needs

To become a global leader in specialty chemicals and ring profitable growth to you and me

Our Values​

At MIKEM, we have a set of values to guide our behavior and shape who we are and what we represent. They describe what is important to us and provide us with the goals and directions we are trying to achieve.

Care​ ​

Care about our planet; Care about our partners; Care about our colleagues

Customer Oriented​​

Meet the needs of customers and make all commitments for their interests

Results Focused​ ​​

​Deliver products on time and meet the highest standards; Become the benchmark for outstanding performance

Change Oriented ​​

Continuously improve and innovate our products through the joint collaboration with our partners