Sodium dodecyl sulfonate

MIKEM Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate Description

MIKEM Sodium dodecyl sulfonate is a white or light yellow crystal or powdery anionic surfactant. It is highly soluble in water, hot ethanol while insoluble in cold water or petroleum ether. With excellent penetration, washing, wettability, decontamination and emulsification, our product is popularly used as emulsifier, flotation agent and penetrating agent in the chemical and light textile industries.

Our product is widely used in many industries like oil field, printing and dyeing, metals, rubber and building materials as emulsifier, dispersant, floating agent, foaming agent, and penetrant agent.  In addition, our sodium dodecyl sulfonate product is also used to formulate other fine chemical products for various applications, such as detergents, scouring agents, dispersants, leveling agent, degreasing agents in textile printing and dyeing industry, metal cleaning agent and film-releasing agent in the metal processing industry.

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