Believe in The Power of The Brand

We Have Unique Advantage in Branding Quality and Service

Research and Innovation​​​

Our research and development team are dedicated to developing new products and services to cater to the ever-changing needs of our clients. We believe that innovation comes through collaboration. Therefore, we are open to the ideas from all parties. In partnership with our clients we work to uncover their unmet needs, and then we use our technology to translate their challenges to new formulations and product solutions. Our advanced laboratories equip us to support customer improvement and research new products and applications on a daily basis. So, talk to us! Your Imagination and requirement will become our source of innovation.

Production and Supply Chain ​

We own our independent manufacturing plants for many products and also invested and established strong partnership with global manufacturers around the world. Our advanced supply chain service can offer our clients with comprehensive market analysis and supply chain solution based our knowledge and market understanding. We strive to provide our customers the most cost and performance effective products that are most suitable for their specific industrial needs. We are a professional manufacturer, supplier and distributor. 

Quality Control​

The quality of our products is of central importance to our company. As a global company, MIKEM’s growing reputation is closely related to the consistent quality of the products that we delivered. Our different business units own their respective quality monitoring team to inspect every cycle of the product’s quality. They are also responsible for defining quality standards and monitor products’ compliance to the standards. At MIKEM, We are dedicating efforts to have all of our plants and products certified with international standards.

Technical Support​

Our service is more than just delivering high performance products. We also highly emphasize on technical assistance and comprehensive support.  Powered by our independent laboratories and experienced technical specialist, we are ready for any of your questions and welcome your challenges, both of which will help promote our innovations. Our technical support team is available on a day-to-day basis to provide you with any support you need. Should you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to Click Contact Us.

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