supply chain and procurement service

We provide premium supply chain and procurement services.  We aim to provide clients with a one-stop shopping experience and help them source complementary products from well-known manufacturers that have established contact with us. Our professional supply chain service includes a series of activities, such as planning, sourcing/procurement, logistics, and customer support. Our primary goal is to assist our customers in obtaining high-performance products at the lowest cost.


We serve as a bridge to suppliers and customers. Before we start the procurement activities, we will conduct in-depth communications with our customers to fully understand their product needs, the industries they serve, and the specific local conditions under which they use the products. We will use our expertise to assess their needs and help them determine the most suitable products for them. Then, we will engage in the process of purchasing or manufacturing products. We also work closely with local quality suppliers to guide and ensure the quality of raw materials and final products. We monitor third-party suppliers to fulfill our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.


At MIKEM, we have established a professional purchasing team in each business department. Our procurement activities range from raw materials and chemicals to technical products and solutions. We have founded a global procurement network and established partnerships with top local suppliers to provide our customers with quality products and services. Our worldwide network and local industry knowledge give us the advantage of choosing the best suppliers and find the most suitable products. Our expertise will help our customers save time and money.

We also have high expectations for our suppliers. Our expectations of suppliers include not only product quality, reliability, and competitiveness, but also social and environmental responsibility. We try to source materials that are not harmful to the environment and try our best to reduce the environmental impact on the earth.


As a global company, we provide services to customers all over the world. We have established a global logistic network to ensure that we provide fast delivery and competitive transportation rates to customers worldwide. We use logistics services provided by professional logistic companies to store and transport raw materials, intermediates, and finished products. We have also established warehouses in popular markets to provide efficient, low-cost products and services. Our goal in logistics is to deliver the right products on time and in a cost-effective manner.

Customer Service

We value the importance of customer service to the sustainable development of our business. To become a sustainable business partner, we regard customer service as a critical aspect of our business. Therefore, we value and pursue excellent customer assistance. We have a professional customer support team whose responsibility is to provide services to customers worldwide. We strive to become an expert in our served industry with our competitive products and professional customer support.

As reflected in our company’s cultural values, we care about every customer we interact with. We value our relationships and their feedback.  We believe that every interaction is an opportunity for us to improve and deepen mutual understanding. Our customers’ challenges and imagination continuously inspire our innovation. Therefore, we welcome any question that you may have and look forward to establishing dialogues with you in any possible way.

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