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Steel Fiber Description

MIKEM steel fiber is a fiber with an aspect ratio (length-to-diameter ratio) of about 40 to 80, which is made by cutting thin steel wire, cold-rolled steel strip shearing, steel ingot milling, or rapid solidification of molten steel. Due to different production methods, the properties of steel fibers may vary.

According to the manufacturing process and its shape and/or cross-section, MIKEM steel fiber products can be divided into seven categories: row steel fiber, milled steel fiber, hooked end steel fiber, shear-type steel fiber, copper-plated steel fiber, stainless steel fiber, and wave-type steel fiber, etc. Although different types of steel fibers have different tensile strengths, they can all reach more than 1000Mpa, and stainless steel fibers have the highest tensile strength.

MIKEM steel fiber product is mainly designed to produce steel fiber reinforced concrete to improve its structural properties. The degree of reinforcement of our steel fibers on concrete mainly depends on the following factors: the strength of the concrete, the length-to-diameter ratio of the fiber, and the volume ratio of the fiber, the bond strength between the fiber and the concrete, as well as the fiber distribution in the concrete. If the steel fiber reinforced concrete is damaged, most of the fibers will be pulled out instead of breaking. Therefore, the most critical control factor for improving fiber reinforcement is to improve the adhesive strength between fibers and the concrete. The addition of our steel fiber product to steel fiber reinforced concretes can improve the structural properties, particularly tensile and flexural strength and other properties, such as compressive strength, impact strength, toughness, and impact toughness, etc.

We provide various steel fiber products. If you need to purchase related products, we can provide you with tailor-made products and services to meet your specific requirements.

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