Microcrystalline cellulose(MCC)

MIKEM Microcrystalline cellulose

MIKEM Microcrystalline cellulose(MCC) is cellulose that achieves a steady degree of polymerization  through chemical degradation and mechanical separation. It is tasteless fine cellulose crystals and insoluble in dilute acids, organic solvents, and oils. However, it is partly dissolved in dilute lye.

The product has a porous structure with high density and easy to deform, so it has a high drug loading, good dry adhesion, and disintegration. It can be compressed into tablets with high-hardness. It is preferred fillers, binders, and disintegrants for tablets. Our products also has good fluidity, making it easy to mix with other auxiliary materials.

Our products are mainly used as pharmaceutical excipients and dispersants, non-calorie food additives, fillers for thin-layer chromatography and column chromatography, carriers for dyes and pigments, as well as reinforcing fillers, coatings, and emulsifiers for thermosetting resins. Besides, it can also be used in water-based coatings and ceramic industries.

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