Sodium Tripolyphosphate

MIKEM Sodium Tripolyphosphate Description

MIKEM sodium tripolyphosphate is a water soluble white powdered amorphous linear polyphosphate. It is an important additive in synthetic detergents, and its aqueous solution is alkaline.

Our sodium tripolyphosphate products are excellent in chelating, suspending, dispersing, peptizing, emulsifying, and pH buffering. Our products have a chelating effect on heavy metal ions; gel, emulsify and distribute on dirt. Besides, it promotes the emulsification of fats and lubricating oils, which can adjust the pH of the buffer soap, and has a strong alkaline buffering effect. It can keep the pH of the detergent around 9.4 and help remove acidic dirt.

Our sodium tripolyphosphate products have been serving as effective additives in many fields, such as auxiliaries in synthetic detergent, softeners in industrial water, dispersants in drilling mud and pharmaceutical industry, catalysts in organic synthesis, and food-grade additives in the food industry. Besides, our products are also used in petroleum product refining, synthetic rubber, ceramics, and other industries.

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