Gypsum Retarder

MIKEM Gypsum Retarder Description

MIKEM gypsum retarder is a high-performance and environmentally friendly protein-based retarder that can slow down the setting time of gypsum plaster. Even applied with small amounts, our high-efficiency gypsum retarder produces excellent retardation effects with minimal loss of gypsum strength. With good adaptability to various gypsums, the addition of our products can help adjust the setting time to meet the specific product and job needs and allow for proper application and finishing. When employed together with our superplasticizer, it can help adjust the setting time and gypsum plaster consistency in a more effective way.

MIKEM gypsum retarder products are mainly applied in fields such as gypsum plaster, gypsum binder, plaster putty, prefabricated gypsum component, plaster joint filler, gypsum formboard, and plaster finish coat, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical engineers if you need to test the setting time of different types of gypsum.

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