Sodium Gluconate

MIKEM Sodium Gluconate Description

MIKEM sodium gluconate is a white crystalline granule or powder, highly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, but insoluble in ethanol. Our products comply with FAO/WHO and USPXXⅢ standards, and can be customized according to your requirements

Our sodium gluconate products are widely used as a high-efficiency chelating agent in construction, textile printing and dyeing, metal finishing, and water treatment industries. It is a high-efficiency retarder and water reducing agent in the concrete industry. It is also used as a cleaning agent for steel surfaces and glass bottles.

Our sodium gluconate product can significantly delay the setting time of concrete. When the dosage is less than 0.15%, the logarithm of the initial setting time is directly proportional to the dose, that is, twice the dose and the initial setting time will be delayed by 10 times. This will extend the working time from several hours to several days without affecting the strength. The delayed setting time is a significant advantage for construction, especially in hot weather or when a more extended storage period is required.


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