Polypropylene Fiber (Mesh)

Polypropylene Fiber (Mesh) Description

Polypropylene as the main raw material, polypropylene fiber (mesh) is a grid structured fiber formed by the cross-linking of single fibers. Our polypropylene fiber (mesh) is non-toxic and acid/alkali resistant. It has anti-magnetic and anti-rust ability and has good chemical stability. Besides, our product has strong adhesion to cement and can be easily applied without special requirements. 

This product is mainly used in various concretes, such as high-grade concrete pavement, protective fence, bridge deck, factory floor, the main structure of bridge and sidewalk, concrete face dams, spillway, diversion hole, and other parts in the water conservancy and hydropower project, airport runways, apron pavement, tunnels, mines, and subway, etc., as well as other sprayed concrete for walls and roofs.

The addition of our product can significantly improve the bonding performance of mortars and concretes, thereby effectively preventing primary cracks and deterioration in mortar and concrete. Besides, our product can ensure even exudation, thereby preventing the separation of pipe materials and the formation of cracks.

Our product can also significantly improve the impact resistance and abrasive resistance of concrete. Polypropylene fiber has comparatively low rigidity, however, it absorbs impact energy, which effectively reducing cracks and local stress caused by blocking shock waves and improving the consistency of the medium.  

Our products can also improve the frost-resistance of concretes. The addition of our product can help reduce the formation and expansion of cracks caused by temperature changes.

We can provide you with customized products and packaging! 

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