Construction Chemicals

Polypropylene Fiber (Mesh)

Polypropylene Fiber (Mesh) Polypropylene Fiber (Mesh) Description Polypropylene as the main raw material, polypropylene fiber (mesh) is a grid structured fiber formed by the cross-linking of single fibers. Our polypropylene fiber (mesh) is non-toxic and acid/alkali resistant. It has anti-magnetic and anti-rust ability and has good chemical stability. Besides, our product has strong adhesion to […]

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Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene Fiber (Monofilament) Polypropylene fiber (monofilament) Description Polypropylene fiber, also known as anti-cracking fiber, PP fiber, and concrete fiber, is a high-strength bundled monofilament fiber made of polypropylene. The addition of our polypropylene fiber products to mortar or concrete can effectively control the micro-cracks of concretes (mortars) caused by plastic shrinkage, dry shrinkage, temperature changes,

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Organic Bentonite

organic bentonite MIKEM Organic Bentonite Description   MIKEM organic bentonite is an inorganic mineral/organic ammonium composite, and its raw material is bentonite. It is manufactured by inserting organic covering agents based on the properties of swelling of the layered structure of montmorillonite in bentonite and dispersing into colloidal clay particles in water or organic solvents

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Iron Oxide Pigments

Iron Oxide Pigments MIKEM Iron Oxide Pigments Description   MIKEM Iron oxide pigments are mainly made of iron oxide. Iron oxide is the second-largest inorganic pigment after titanium dioxide and the most considerable colored inorganic pigment. Our iron oxide pigments have good dispersibility, excellent light and weather resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, chemical

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Preservative in Paints and Coatings

Preservatives in Paints and Coatings MIKEM Preservatives in Paints and Coatings Description Paints and coatings (latex paints) are made of pigments, fillers, color pastes, emulsions and resins, thickeners, dispersants, defoamers, leveling agents, and film-forming agents, etc. Since all ingredients contain water and nutrients, they are vulnerable to bacteria, which can cause harmful changes in physical

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Titanium Dioxide Pigment

titanium dioxide pigment MIKEM Titanium Dioxide Pigment Description MIKEM titanium dioxide pigment, also called titanium white or pigment white, is a rutile-form white inorganic pigment powder with non-toxic, non-transparency, excellent hiding power and maximum whiteness and brightness. It is considered the most brilliant white pigment that is available in the history.  MIKEM rutile titanium dioxide pigment has outstanding chemical stability. It has higher fire resistance than anatase titanium

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Steel Fiber

MIKEM plastic-steel fiber MIKEM plastic-steel fiber Description   MIKEM plastic-steel fiber is a kind of high-strength fiber used in construction engineering to control the toughness and impact resistance of concrete. Our product can replace the traditional steel mesh and steel fiber at a lower construction cost with more time-saving and convenient operation.   MIKEM plastic-steel fiber is made of synthetic resin

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Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate MIKEM Sodium Gluconate Description MIKEM sodium gluconate is a white crystalline granule or powder, highly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, but insoluble in ethanol. Our products comply with FAO/WHO and USPXXⅢ standards, and can be customized according to your requirements Our sodium gluconate products are widely used as a high-efficiency chelating agent

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Naphthalene based superplasticizer (Powder)

Naphthalene based superplasticizer (Powder) MIKEM Naphthalene Based Superplasticizer (Powder)​ Description   MIKEM naphthyl superplasticizer is the condensation product of sodium naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde. It exists as a yellow powder or brown viscous liquid and is easily soluble in water. It has stable physical and chemical properties, including high dispersibility, low foaming, high water reduction rate, noticeable

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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (Liquid)

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (liquid) MIKEM Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (liquid)   MIKEM Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (liquid)is an environmentally friendly liquefied superplasticizer with high-efficiency water-reducing performance. It offers high workability and high durability. It has been extensively used in concretes, including normal concrete, pumped concrete, self-compacting concrete, and high-strength concrete. It shows excellent performance especially in the applications of high-durability

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