Preservatives in Paints and Coatings

MIKEM Preservatives in Paints and Coatings Description

Paints and coatings (latex paints) are made of pigments, fillers, color pastes, emulsions and resins, thickeners, dispersants, defoamers, leveling agents, and film-forming agents, etc. Since all ingredients contain water and nutrients, they are vulnerable to bacteria, which can cause harmful changes in physical and chemical aspects, such as viscosity reduction, changes, gas generation, and demulsification. Therefore, it is necessary to protect paints and coatings from microbes to minimize the loss caused by microbial infections and to ensure the quality of latex paint products. For most paints and coatings, the application of preservatives is a wise anti-corrosion treatment. Therefore appropriate preservatives can protect paints and coatings from bacteria and ensure their quality at least during the warranty period.

MIKEM preservative is a new broad-spectrum and high-efficiency preservative. It doesn’t contain divalent salt, formaldehyde, or VOC. Besides, it has high-temperature resistance and discoloration resistance without splashing or hurting hands. It is particularly effective against bacteria, fungi, and molds, and is suitable for emulsions, adhesives, and paints.

The main properties of our preservative are as below:

  1. Multiple applications and high efficiency: Low dose (0.1% to 0.2%) is effective against a variety of microorganisms (including bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae).
  2. Good compatibility:   It is highly compatible with various emulsifiers, surfactants, and other additives.
  3. High stability: it is highly suitable for anti-corrosion and anti-mildew under challenging conditions, especially ideal for SRBs.
  4.  Low toxicity:  it doesn’t contain heavy metal compound or formaldehyde and is stable to amine compounds.

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