MIKEM Dextrin Description


MIKEM dextrin is a white, yellow, or brown flowing powder. Low molecular weight dextrin is entirely soluble in water to form a viscous slurry, while high molecular weight dextrin is not entirely soluble in water. Our dextrin products are divided into 3 grades: industrial grade, food-grade, and pharmaceutical grade. It is made from unmodified starches of grains or rhizomes (such as corn, sorghum, potatoes, wheat, and rice, etc.), which are heated before partial hydrolysis or in a suitable food-grade acid and buffer.

Our dextrin products are used as adhesives, stabilizers, thickeners, and surface decorating agents in various industries (e.g., pharmaceuticals, food, paper, casting, wallpaper, labels, stamps, tape paper, etc.). Besides, it is also used as a pharmaceutical excipient and a substitute for gum arabic.Home and Personal Care


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