Silicon Water Repellent (Powder)

Silicon Water Repellent (Powder) Description

Water repellent (powder)

Water repellent (powder) is an efficient cement-based water repellent powder additive that is made of active silane. It has excellent dispersity in water. After reacting with cement hydration products, our hydrophobic products can improve the hydrophobicity of cement-based materials. It has a noticeable lotus leaf effect in the dry mortar and has good compatibility with other additives.  


After mixing thoroughly with dry-mix mortar, the mixture should be gently stirred with water (excessive stirring may cause bubbles). In accordance with different applications, our hydrophobic powder products are most effective between 0.1-0.5% (weight) of the total volume of the mortar.


Waterproofing mortar    

Plastering mortar

Thermal insulating mortar

Decorative mortar

Joint filler

Self-leveling mortar

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