Construction Chemicals

Our small ingredients are playing a big role in improving the quality and sustainability of building materials.

Construction Chemicals

Admixtures for the building and construction industry

With the dynamic development of today’s construction industry, there is an increasing demand for products that are more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable. The building performance additives product line is a major part of MIKEM’s specialty chemical business line. Our construction product portfolio covers a range of additives and admixtures which are used in a variety of industries. Our small ingredients have been playing an essential role in improving the quality and sustainability of the modern building materials.

At MIKEM, we offer optimal solutions to balance product performance and cost. We develop tailored formulations with diverse functions and properties to meet our customers’ unique requirements and specific industrial needs. Our experienced technical specialists are available to assist our customers whatever questions they have.

Mortar Additives

Dry mix mortars are one of the most widely used materials in building industry.  It has many different applications in both new constructions and renovation projects.  Read More >>

Concrete Admixtures

Concrete is one of the most extensively used building material in the world.  Concrete admixtures are natural or manufactured substances added during the concrete mixing process. Read More >>

Coating Auxiliaries

Modern coatings are complex formulas with many additives. The additives serve an important role in optimizing the coating application and enhance the inherent properties of the resin. Read More >>