MIKEM Approach to the Growing Construction Needs

MIKEM Approach to the Growing Construction Needs

The construction chemical industry is witnessing a continuous rise in patronage. Taking into consideration the need for infrastructure and construction across the world, this is unsurprising. Also, with this continuous patronage, the construction chemical industry is seeing a steady rise in global market value. The same is the case for the global share value, as it has no substantial increase or substantial decline.


Over at MIKEM, we understand that we are stakeholders in this industry. We also understand the importance of construction chemicals across the world, as there is a growing need for infrastructural development. Asides from this, the rising world population means that demand for residential buildings is also rising. Therefore, we aim to create construction chemicals to assist with these needs. In this regard, we focus on making sure our quality is not compromised, as we know the effect of poor building quality on people and the environment. Asides from ensuring quality chemicals for construction, we also include the need to protect the environment in our considerations and use environmentally friendly properties in making our products. Most of our products follow guidelines on the use of hazardous chemicals, and we try to follow best international practices, like taking note of the new EU chemical strategy.

All these considerations, and many more, reflect on our products. Ourconstruction chemical segment includes mortar additives, concrete admixtures, and coating auxiliaries. Under these segments, we produce a wide range of construction chemicals intending to assist builders and engineers in constructing proper structures. We are proud to mention that we have received a wide range of satisfaction from those who have used our products over the years.

Our construction chemical segment can be explored for more information. We are open to INQUIRES as well.

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