New EU Chemicals Strategy
– What It Means for Construction Chemicals?​

New EU Chemicals Strategy
What It Means for Construction Chemicals?​​

It is time to take the Environment and nature more seriously. The European commission felt the urgency concerning the same and has released a new chemical strategy on October 14, 2020, aiming at sustainable chemical production while segmenting out latent and prospective hazardous substances to safeguard human health and the Environment against the harmful chemicals.

According to the Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans of the European Deal, Chemicals are an indispensable part of human life and economy. Chemicals give many innovative solutions and make human life comfortable and easier, but at the same time, the impact of dangerous chemicals on humans and nature cannot be overlooked.  

The chemical strategy intends to increase the use of eco-friendly chemicals and forbid the use of dangerous chemicals such as PFAS and endocrine disrupters in consumer products if their use is avoidable. The EU has addressed consumer products’ safety, such as toys, cosmetics, food, plant protection product, etc. CSS bans the use of toxic chemicals used in construction and emphasizes the use of construction chemicals that are not persistent in the environment for longer and have no adverse effect on human health.

At Mikem, we know our obligation in Human wellness and the Environment protection. Therefore, we declare ourselves as a nature-friendly chemical supplier. Taking both positive and negative effects of chemicals into consideration, it is difficult to decide which chemicals should be forbidden and which ones should be permitted for a certain use. With the guidance of New EU chemicals strategy, we will further implement our company culture and work towards “Green Chemistry, Better Living”. 

 We support the European Green Deal.  

We emphasize Green Chemical, Zero Pollution.


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