MIKEM Concrete Admixture and Construction Chemicals

MIKEM Concrete Admixture and Construction Chemicals

Infrastructural development has been a hallmark used to define a functioning society.  The importance of the infrastructure typically cuts across a society’s vital sector – the health sector; road networks; essential buildings, like government buildings; and housing provision, amongst others. This reality is reflected in the steady global rise of the construction chemical market over the years. Calculations also project that these numbers are to increase slightly in the coming years.

At MIKEM, we recognize the importance of infrastructure across the world. Not only that, but we also understand the need for quality infrastructure. Poor infrastructural products can be dangerous and cost more to deal with. Most importantly, we are aware of the need to create construction chemicals that are friendly to the environment. Based on this, we offer standard and eco-friendly construction chemicals for building quality and life-saving infrastructure around the world.

Concrete admixtures is one of our strong product. Builders and construction engineers add concrete admixtures to a cement mixture. The effect of a concrete admixture is to give the cement mixture a better finish, increase the durability of the cement mixture, and reduce water content, amongst others. Evidence of how concrete admixtures are important is that they take the lion’s share of the construction chemical market – around 65%. At MIKEM, we aim to create concrete admixtures with unique properties that will make the admixture perform even better.

We also produce coating auxiliaries and mortar additives. We try to ensure that our products are part of a reliable and environmentally friendly infrastructure. With this, we use eco-friendly properties in line with regulations. We also use unique properties that our best minds continuously work on. Want to know more? You can find our other products in this segment. We are also looking forward to hearing from you.

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