Dispelling Two Myths of Food Additives

Dispelling Two Myths of Food Additives

Food additives have become an essential part of a food, particularly in recent times. They are essential because of the role they play, and this ranges from improving the texture and taste of the food to preserving the food and increasing its shelf-life. Food additives may seem as though they are random chemicals added to food, but this is not the case. For example, the United States Food and Drugs Administration classifies salt as an additive when added to food. In essence, there are a lot of things not understood and misunderstood about food additives. These have given rise to certain myths.

One particular myth is that food additives are made from chemicals and they cause health problems. This is not true. Although some food additives are made from chemicals, a good number of them are also made from natural sources. Also, food additives are like every other substance that is health-related. When used inappropriately or wrongfully, it can be harmful. But it is not always harmful. Rather, it can be beneficial for health purposes by improving the nutritional value of the food it is added to.

Another popular myth is that food additives can be recognized by looking out for chemical-like names on ingredients. This is not true, and it can be misleading. Some manufacturers prefer to write the chemical name of something natural like a tomato. Checking ingredients with that mindset can make it almost impossible to eat anything.

Taking into consideration the mild paranoia that sometimes follows the consumption of food with additives, we at MIKEM continually aim to develop additives with no health issues. We also focus more natural and innovative ways to create food additives for the benefit of consumers. Our food additives have been used in different parts of the world and have been accompanied by positive reviews.

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