Sodium dodecyl sulfate

MIKEM Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Description

MIKEM Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS/K12) is a non-toxic anionic surfactant, which is a white or light yellow crystal or powder with a special odor. Our product is not sensitive to alkali and hard water. It can decompose in humid air and is readily soluble in water and hot alcohol. It has good compatibility with anionic and non-ionic compounds and has some essential properties, such as emulsification, foaming, penetration, decontamination, and dispersion. It also has abundant foam and rapid biodegradation.

Our sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS/K12) is widely used as an emulsifier, fire extinguishing agent, foaming agent, and textile auxiliaries in various industries, including toothpaste, washing powder for shampoo products, liquid washing, cosmetics, plastic- molding, lubrication, pharmaceuticals, paper, building materials, and chemicals, etc.


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